The Matian Firm lies, cheats and steals. Call (310) 663 – 7104 if you are a former employee or client

The Matian firm only employs liars, cheaters and thieves.


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Los Angeles, CA – When attorney Heather Monasky was first hired by The Matian Firm, she made it clear that she was a fighter and would not have it any other way.  She immediately noticed illegal activities were rampant and NO CLIENT RECEIVED ANYTHING OF ANY VALUE.  The Matian Firm, only lies, cheats and steals.  After a month or so there, her complaints about predatory behavior against poor non-English speaking Latinos that were ignored when she reported it to her direct supervisors and Matian Law Firm owner Shawn Matian, Matian retaliated because he simply runs a fraudulent office, that does fraudulent work, and steals money. Monasky alleges she saw employees of the firm lie to clients and steal money from them, engage in mail fraud schemes, and then cover up the fraud during the time she worked there from January to April 2018.  The firm does NOTHING of value for anybody, they only take your money.

This is considered legal malpractice and a direct violation of the California State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, and The Okorocha Firm complaints to the State Bar are being investigated.

Monasky alleges that she saw members of the firm committing crimes daily, and that she faced whistleblower retaliation when her superiors buried her in an impossible workload of hundreds of cases after she alerted them of the criminal activity.

Monasky is represented by attorney Okorie Okorocha of The Okorocha Firm, who has filed a whistleblower and defamation complaint against The Matian Law Firm.  Okorocha will file a separate consumer protection class action Monday, May 14th, on behalf of customers of the firm who are mostly Latino and non-English speaking.

“The Matian Firm is a criminal enterprise,” said Okorocha.  “It engages in racketeering and fraud, and it uses a non-attorney sales team that makes promises to potential clients, steals their money, then does nothing to help them.   I invite all victims who believe they were lied to and defrauded by the Matian Law Firm to come forward and join this class action lawsuit.”

Okorocha has also filed a report against the Matian Law Firm with the State Bar of California, the agency that regulates California lawyers.  The case has been forwarded to the State Bar’s Enforcement Unit, which works to protect the public from unscrupulous lawyers.

To join the class action suit, contact Luis Cendejas at OOESQ@OOESQ.COM, or call (951) 790-7304.

To book an interview with Okorocha and Heather Monasky, contact T.K. DeVine at 626-365-3741 or


About the Lawsuits:  The whistleblower lawsuit is titled: “Heather Monasky v. The Matian firm, et. al.” Case Number:  BC702214.  The class action lawsuit on behalf of victims of the firm, is titled “Ramirez, et. al. v. Matian Law Firm, et. al.” That lawsuit will be filed Monday, May 14, 2018.


About The Okorocha Firm:  The Okorocha Firm enforces the rights of the working class and consumers, and believes it is the duty of other lawyers to run dirty lawyers out of business.  For more information visit



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